Historic photos of Auchenheath and Tillietudlem, South Lanarkshire

Approaching Auchenheath

Approaching Auchenheath 1994. Photo: Jim Hamilton

Auchenheath Provident Co-operative Society Auchenheath Branch

Auchenheath Provident Co-operative Society Auchenheath Branch. No date given. Some of the staff. L to R: John Shields (who delivered with a horse and cart at first then drove a lorry), Tom McQuillian, Cis Cameron, Nellie Allan, Nan Clark, William Laird (General Manager), John Clark and Pat Casey (Cobbler)

From the 1870s to the 1960s, Auchenheath Provident Co-operative Society traded successfully in Auchenheath with branches in Kirkmuirhill and Coalburn.

The shop at Auchenheath included grocery, bakery and drapery departments and a cobbler's workroom. Outlying hamlets were provided with home deliveries of groceries and a butcher's and baker's van visited twice weekly. The great attraction of buying from the co-operative was the substantial dividend that was paid on purchases - during the 1940s this was as high as two shillings to the pound. The society closed in the 1960s

Auchenheath Provident Co-operative Society Auchenheath Branch

Another view of the Co-operative building.

Post Office and Nethanvale Restaurant in 1994

Post Office and Nethanvale Restaurant in 1994. The Restaurant and Coffee Shop occupies the same building as the former Co-operative building shown above.Photo: Jim Hamilton

The former Co-operative Building in 2018

The same building on 1st April 2018 - now private housing. Photo: David Halls

Rug Making in Auchenheath

The background to this photograph is of a house in the Square, Auchenheath and it features Belle Burnside who was employed as a school cleaner. Rug-making was a craft born of necessity as it provided a comfortable and warm footing when placed on linoleum which covered the floors of houses in the pre-wall-to-wall carpeting age.

Auchenheath Primary School

The school closed in 1992. The photograph below and the text are from the Hamilton Advertiser on 3rd July 1992.

Auchenheath Primary School closing in 1992

"Sad pupils and staff closed the book on Auchenheath Primary School this week.. as the bell went for the last time in 116 years. Strathclyde Regional Council sounded the death knell for the school in February, on the grounds that children would have better advantages if transferred to Blackwood Primary, 1 1/2 miles away. Parents, MPs and councillors campaigned unsuccessfully against closure - and on Tuesday Auchenheath's 19 pupils left for the summer holidays - and a new school. Pupils are pictured with head teacher Jane Graham (back left), secretary Rena Winning, teacher Betty Jarvie, cook Jacqueline McVie and caretaker Betty Mackie. "

Auchenheath Primary School 1993

Auchenheath Primary School 1993

Two photographs taken of the school in 1993 by Jim Hamilton after the school had closed.

Auchenheath Primary School 2018

The former school on 1st April 2018 - now private housing. Photo: Rozsa Halls

Tillietudlem Castle (Craignethan Castle)

This photo and description are from the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Illustrated in 1904:

Tillietudlem Castle

"Tillietudlem Castle - occasionally styled Craignethan Castle - is the favourite haunt of the picnic party and the rambling society. Independent of its historical interest, the scenery around bonnie Tilietudlem possesses many attractions. Erected by Sir Jas. Hamilton, the cupbearer of James V., this fine specimen of the baronial style of architecture - at once a residence and a fort - came into the hands of the house of Hay, and now belongs to the Earl of Home, the representative of the house of Douglas. Queen Mary took refuge here after her escape from Lochleven, and one of the halls is still known by the name of Queen Mary's Tower. From the position of the Castle, the moat which surrounds it, the thickness of the walls, and the thickness of the central towers, which still stand, it must have been a stronghold of no mean pretensions. It is worth noting that this romantic ruin suggested to Sir Walter Scott the idea of his Tillietudlem Castle, described in "Old Mortality"."

Tillietudlem Railway Station

TillieTudlem Railway Station

Tillietudlem Railway Station (note the pit on the right)

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