Bellfield Colliery

Bellfield Colliery

Situated almost in the middle of the village, and although not as old as Auchenbegg Colliery, Bellfield Colliery too closed in the 1920s. It followed strike action by miners at the time as they sought better working conditions. However, no maintenance was undertaken during the strike and the colliery flooded leading to the closure. In 1910, five hundred men were employed there.

Bellfield Colliery remains in 1990

Remains of buildings at Bellfield Pit and Bing in 1990. Photo: Jim Hamilton

Bellfield Bing in 2014

Bellfield Bing with Tinto in the distance in 2014. The houses in the middle ground are in School Road. The photo was taken from the top of No.6 bing. Photo: David Halls

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