Historic photos of Blackwood, South Lanarkshire

Although Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill today are merged, their history viewed them as separate villages. These excerpts from the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Illustrated in 1904 make interesting reading.

Blackwood village 1904

Blackwood House 1904

Blackwood House

A postcard of Blackwood House. Date not known

Blackwood House

Hothouses at Blackwood House. Date not known

Curling at Blackwood Loch in the 1920s

Curling at Blackwood Loch in the 1920s.

Blackwood in 1901

Blackwood Village looking towards Glasgow c. 1900. The railway track crossing the road in the foreground is a branch that by-passes Backwood terminus to take trains to and from Dunduff Quarry.

Blackwood Main Street pre 1920s

Blackwood Main Street pre 1920s

Blackwood in 1917

A postcard franked 1917 which shows Carlisle Road at Blackwood before it was tarmacadamed and this was the main route between Glasgow and Carlisle. It would seem that some labourers are wending their way homeward after the day's toil was over.

Blackwood Cross pre 1910

Blackwood Cross pre 1910

Blackwood in 1950s

Carlisle Road, Blackwood c. 1950

Blackwood Cross 1960s former police station

Photograph taken in 1960s of tenement building (since demolished) at corner of Carlisle Road and Vere Road. A police station with cells was within the building and later, the surgery of Dr Barr was housed there.

Blackwood Cross 1960s back of former police station

Rear of the building outside with stairs and built-on toilets.

Blackwood in 2017

Blackwood Cross in 2017. Photo: David Halls

Blackwood Cottage

Blackwood Cottage in the 1950s on Vere Road. This has since been demolished

Blackwood School

Blackwood School on the right, latterly only for primary pupils. In conversation with Jim Hamilton, Nancy Clelland explained that when she was young, it was a Primary and Advanced Division school. She remembered that Auchenheath school travelled to Blackwood School on Fridays for cookery or woodwork.

Blackwood School 2017

The new Blackwood School in 2017. Photo: David Halls

Photograph of Our Lady and St John's  Church, Blackwood

Photographs of Our Lady and St John's  Church, Blackwood

Photographs of Our Lady and St John's Church, Blackwood taken in 1995 by Jim Hamilton. The Church was opened on the 16th December 1880.

Nurseries in Southfield Road

This photo dating from 1963 show the nurseries belonging to the Fairservice family at Southfield Road, now used for housing. On the right are the tennis courts and at the top, the old railway line can be seen.

The Railway

Former stationmasters house Blackwood

Former stationmaster's house at Blackwood, now demolished.

Railway memories of Willam Kerr

"A branch line from Tillietudlem was also constructed into Blackwood and on to Dunduff quarry which supplied whinstone road metal for the roads department of the Middle Ward of Lanarkshire. Both the goods yard and passenger station at Blackwood were just beyond the school and the stationmaster's house, the booking office and the platform were close up against the fence of the sleepers which separated the station from the school playground.

I remember around 1898 0r 1899 climbing up to look over the fence to see the Grand Duke Michael of Russia arrive by train when he was going to stay at Blackwood House. The lairs with his carriage was there to meet the Grand Duke, and there were other conveyances for his servants and luggage. A red carpet was rolled out on the platform.

The Dunduff line passed the other side of the school, crossed the Carlisle Road at a level crossing with large white gates, and went on uphiil and crossed at another level crossing, the Kirkmuirhill to Blackwood Road. Alongside the rails between the two roads was a fenced-off right of way. Every afternoon a train of empty wagons went up and a train of full wagons came down. Many men from Boghead and Kirkmuirhill were employed at the quarry. The quarry was eventually closed and filled up with water. The railway was no longer required and the rails were taken up. "

Dunduff Quarry c 1900

Dunduff Quarry about 1900. The stone was mainly quarried for road building: vast amounts were used on the construction of the railway from Larkhall to Auldton Heights in the years to 1905.

Dunduff Quarry Line

The pug at Dunduff Quarry.

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