Historic photos of Kirkmuirhill and Blackwood

Kirkmuirhill Cross

Entrance to Kirkmuirhill from Strathaven Road

Kirkmuirhill Cross

Kirkmuirhill Cross viewed from the road called locally "Main Street". From the white building on the right which was on the south end of the cross roads, the area was referred to as "up the toon".

Post Office in Kirkmuirhill

Kirkmuirhill Post Office Left to right: Jimmy Reston, Telegram Boy, Arthur Kirk, Annie Hamilton (Postmistress), Tom Jackson, Mrs Marchbanks (sister of Annie Hamilton), Dan Duncan.

Treefield Café

Treefield Café at the corner of Thornton Road and Carluke Road at the time when the Café was run by J and C Ritchie.

Curling at Blackwood Loch in the 1920s

Curling at Blackwood Loch in the 1920s.

John McRae at his smiddy in Carlisle Road

John McRae at his smiddy in Carlisle Road, Kirkmuirhill in 1936. At the side of the building was the date1826. The smiddy closed in 1955. The first John McRae came from the Highlands and, working his way south, finally ended up in Kirkmuirhill to start a business as a blacksmith. The business was passed from father to son over 4 generations of John McRae. The last John McRae was the father of Jimmy McRae, who together with his sons achieved great success in motor rallying.

Rug Making in Auchenheath

The background to this photograph is of a house in the Square, Auchenheath and it features Belle Burnside who was employed as a school cleaner. Rug-making was a craft born of necessity as it provided a comfortable and warm footing when placed on linoleum which covered the floors of houses in the pre-wall-to-wall carpeting age.

Cyclists in Kirkmuirhill

Cyclists Agnes Hamilton and Barbara Waddell in 1914 on Carlisle Road with Kirkmuirhill Church Manse in the background.

Nurseries in Southfield Road

This photo dating from 1963 show the nurseries belonging to the Fairservice family at Southfield Road, now used for housing. On the right are the tennis courts and at the top, the old railway line can be seen.

Blackwood Cottage

Blackwood Cottage in the 1950s on Vere Road. This has since been demolished


The area on entering Kirkmuirhill from Strathaven is known as the Westend. These two photographs are from Mr Andrew Allan.

West End of Kirkmuirhill in 1920s

The Westend in the 1920s. Railings were removed compulsorily for iron for armaments during the 1939-1945 war. Then there was no pavement on the left. A village pump can be seen.

West End of Kirkmuirhill in 1987

West End of Kirkmuirhill in 1987. The bridge takes the M74 over Strathaven Road.

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