History of Opencast Mining in Coalburn

Opencast Mining

Opencast Mining at Dalquhandy. 1996.

This operation at the time was the largest Opencast in Western Europe and lasted almost twenry years. Other similar projects started up close by.

Mining Operations

Mining Operations. 1996

Old Mine Shaft

Old Mine Shaft Uncovered. 1996

Washing Plant and Distribution

Washing Plant

Washing Plant. 2001

A new washing plant was developed to facilitate the screening and washing of the coal before it was transported by heavy lorries to a rail terminal at Ravenstruther near Lanark and from there it was taken to various destinations throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. A private road was built out of the site to the roundabout at Poniel.


Distribution Point. 2001


Weighbridge. 2001


Another view of washplant. 2001

Plant Control Centre

Plant Control Centre. 2001

Testing Lab

Testing Laboratory. 2001