Historic photos of Coalburn

Coalburn Brig Area - Railway Hotel and Coalburn Inn

Coalburn Inn c 1900

Coalburn Inn. c 1900.

Coalburn Inn and colliery The Maid

Coalburn Inn. Behind the Inn is the Auchlochan Colliery (known as "The Maid"). c 1910.

Coalburn Inns and Station Hotel

Coalburn Brig area with Station Hotel and Coalburn Inn. 1985.

Coalburn Inn 1996

End view of Coalburn Inn 1996

Station Hotel 1983

Station Hotel 1983

Station Hotel Demolition

Demolition of Station Hotel. 1996

Coalburn Brig Area 1996

Coalburn Brig Area 1996. Coalburn Inn in foreground but Station Hotel now demolished.


Station Road c 1920

Station Road (now Coalburn Road) c 1920.

Dunns Crescent

Dunn's Crescent (now simply Dunn Crescent). Date unknown

Coalburn Terrace

This photo labelled "Coalburn Terrace" is actually of the former Pretoria Terrace in Coalburn Road.

Bellfield Road

Historic photo of Bellfield Road on bin collection day. Date unknown

Bellfield Road

Bellfield Road. 1996.

Railway Terrace

Railway Terrace. 1920s.

Railway Terrace was always known locally as the bottom terrace. The boy in the shorts is Jim Smiley. Tinto View Terrace was spoken of locally as the tap (TOP) terrace. During the Second World War when Timbertown was completed, the new address was Bellfield Road.