Photos of Exhibitions and Meetings held by the Society

2017-2018 Session

Ellie McKendrick winner of Jim Hamilton trophy

At the first meeting of the Society in the 2017-2018 season, Ellie McKendrick (shown here with her family) was presented with the Jim Hamilton Trophy by the Secretary, Geoff Brown. Ellie's project on World War II in P6 was judged to be the best of many high standard projects at Coalburn Primary School. Photo: David Halls

Joan Barr with a book of Roy's maps

At the meeting of the Society on the 20th September, Joan Barr gave an interesting talk on William Roy (1726-1790) who was born near Carluke and became responsible for the first reliable military maps of Scotland. From that success, he went on to produce the first accurate ordnance maps of Southern England and was given the military title of Major-General. Roy's work became the foundation of the Ordnance Survey. Joan is seen here with a book of Roy's maps.

Jim Plenderleith, Peter McLeish and John Donnachie

L to R: Jim Plenderleith, Peter McLeish (Chairman of the Society) and John Donnachie. Jim and John were born in Coalburn but now both live in Carluke. At a meeting on the 18th October, John gave a very interesting presentation (assisted by Jim) on "Old River Crossings on the Clyde" in which he showed photos taken from a microlight of the Clyde from Abington to Crossford. In these, he showed the position of early fords, ferries and bridges. This was augmented by his photos of bridges today.

Bill Love

On the 1st November, Bill Love, a former librarian, outlined the life history of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his writings. He is shown here with the book he recommends, "The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories".

Alastair Dinsmore Glasgow Police Museum

Alastair Dinsmore MBE, Curator of the Glasgow Police Museum and Chairman of the Glasgow Police Heritage Society with Peter McLeish (left), Chairman of the Coalburn Heritage Society. On the 6th Dec 2017, Alastair gave a most elightening talk to the Society on "175 years of the History of Glasgow's Police".

2016-2017 Session

Rachel Struthers receiving the trophy

At the first meeting of the Society in the 2016-2017 season, Rachel Struthers was presented with the Jim Hamilton Trophy by the President, Peter McLeish. Rachel's project entitled "World War II and its impact on Coalburn" was judged to be the best of many excellent projects by pupils in the last session at Coalburn Primary School. Photo: David Halls

BobMcDonald and Colin Findlay

On the 21st September, Bob McDonald (left) and Colin Findlay (right) of the "Pits, Ponies, People and Stories" project gave an entertaining talk on Mining in South Lanarkshire with information on mining in Coalburn, Hamilton Palace Grounds, Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Howard and Anna

At a well-attended meeting on the 7th December 2016, Howard Johnstone of Coalburn and Anna Aitken of Lesmahagow gave an enthralling account of the work of the Vine Trust and their experience of volunteering for the Trust in Tanzania, building family homes and orphanages.

Peter McLeish with Ethyl Smith

Peter McLeish (chairman) with Ethyl Smith, the speaker on the 1st March 2017. Ethyl returned to give part 2 of her enlightening talk on the Covenanters with engaging stories of the prominent preachers in the movement. In this photograph, she is holding her novel, Changed Times, based around the history of the Covenanters. This has received critical acclaim.

2015-2016 Session

Lauren Lauriston winner of trophy

At the first meeting of the Society in the 2015-2016 season, Lauren Lauriston was presented with the Jim Hamilton Trophy by the President, Peter McLeish. Lauren's project on the history of Coalburn was judged to be the best of many excellent projects by pupils in the last session at Coalburn Primary School. The meeting was held in the new school and featured a display of photos throughout the life of the school. John Zawadzki showed some excellent slideshows of Gala Days throughout the years, culminating with some great photographs of this year's Gala. Photo: Rozsa Halls

Jimmy Clarkson

Jimmy Clarkson (left) with Secretary Geoff Brown who was acting as Chairman for the meeting on the 16th September. Jimmy gave a very interesting talk entitled Douglas Walks which included enlightening stories from his own childhood, of life in Douglas and of the history of the area.

Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek (left) with President Peter McLeish at the meeting on the 7th October. Martin presented a fascinating and moving film on he life of his father, Jan Stepek. A refugee from Poland at the beginning of WW2, Jan eventually joined the Polish Navy. After the war, he came to Glasgow to study and then set up a business in his home repairing radios. This after time led to a successful chain of shops selling electrical goods.

Moira, Geoff and Kate<

At the meeting on the 18th November, Kate Cowan presented a slideshow showing photos of the 128-mile charity walk that she and her sister, Moira Donaghue, made along the River Clyde from its source near Watermeetings to the Clyde Estuary at Ardmore Point. The photograph shows Moira (left) and Kate (right) with Geoff Brown, secretary of the Society.

Jeff Frew with Peter McLeish

Mountaineer Jeff Frew (seen here with Peter McLeish, Chairman of the Society) spoke on "Nepal" on the 17th February. His beautiful photos showed the life in Kathmandu, the mountains of the Himalayas and the people who live there. He discussed the treks in the Himalayas including ones that go up to the summit of Everest. Jeff is involved with Community Action Treks. based on ethical principles; profit from this feeds into a charity, Community Action Nepal, set up to support the people that live there. He showed the work that this charity was doing and the tragic devastation caused by the earthquake in 2015.

Lorna Davidson of New Lanark Trust

New Lanark

Lorna Davidson, Director of New Lanark Trust, gave a very interesting talk on the history of New Lanark at the Society on the 3rd March. The Mills were built in 1785 for David Dale on the banks of the Clyde to utilise the power of water in the Falls of Clyde using sandstone quarried nearby for construction. Dale, and later his son-in-law, Robert Owen, who bought the mills in 1799, were keen to establish a model industrial community with healthcare, housing, culture and education for the workforce and their families. Production at the site continued until 1968 but subsequently, lack of maintenance resulted in a degree of dereliction. The buildings were made listed buildings in the 70s and, after compulsory purchase. ownership was transferred to the New Lanark Conservation Trust in 1974. Lorna described the work the Trust has done to conserve the buildings and to find new uses for them to provide income which could support a workforce and continue the ideals established by Dale and Owen.

Paul Archibald and Geoff Brown

Paul Archibald (left) of Lanark Museum outlined the fascinating history of the Clydesdale Inn in Lanark at the Society meeting on the 16th March. He is seen here with Geoff Brown, Secretary of the Society.

2014-2015 Session

Robert McLeishPeter and Robert McLeish

On Wed 3rd Sept., Robert McLeish from Lesmahagow Parish Historical Society spoke on "Important Local People from the Past". The first ahows Robert answering a question from a member of the audience, and, in the second, being thanked by his brother, Peter, Chairman of the Jim Hamilton Heritage Society of Coalburn.

Dr Sinc;lair Scott and Peter McLeish

Dr Sinclair Scott of Douglas (left) gave a very interesting illustrated talk on St. Petersburg at the Society on the 1st October 2014; he is seen here with Peter McLeish, Chairman of the Society.

Bellfield Bing and Tinto from Coalburn No 6 Bing

School Road, Bellfield Bing and Tinto from Coalburn No 6 Bing. One of the photos shown by David Halls in his talk "Images of present-day Lesmahagow and Coalburn" on Wed Nov 5th.

Betty David and Jean

The speaker, David Halls (centre) with Betty Bell, Secretary (left) and Jean Savage, Treasurer (right). Photographer: Rozsa Halls

On the 3rd December 2014, Fred Farrell gave a very enjoyable talk to the society on his interest in vintage cars and auto memorabilia. He is seen here with items from the Ecurie Ecosse Motor Racing Team.

World War 1 Exhibition 2014

The Society's World War 1 Exhibition in Coalburn One Stop Shop. 19th August 2014. Some of the artefacts on display in the Heritage Centre can be previewed here.

Presentation to Luke Brown

John Zawadzki and his presentation

At the Heritage Society meeting on the 21st January 2015, Luke Brown (top photo) was presented with the Jim Hamilton Trophy for a local project in his final year at Coalburn Primary School. He is seen here with the Society President, Peter McLeish. The speaker was John Zawadzki (lower photo) who presented an informative and well-researched account of the Polish Forces in Clydesdale in the second World War using talk, photos and audio-visual presentations. He concluded with a fascinating account of the war history of his father, Felix Zawadzki. He escaped from Poland, eventually ending up fighting in Italy where he was wounded. He was brought initially to Scotland in the UK before being transferred to a hospital in North Wales from where he married and settled in the Wirral.

Presentation to Betty Bell

Presentation to Betty Bell

Pictures of the meeting on the 4th February 2015. To commemorate Betty Bell's long service with the Society as its Secretary, she was presented with a framed lifetime membership certificate by Gilbert Dobbie and with flowers by President Peter McLeish.

Gavin Forrest with Geoff Brown

The guest speaker was Gavin Forrest, a photographer from Lesmahagow with an international reputation, who presented some of his stunning photographs of his travels in the USA, Hawai, Tuscany and Scotland at the meeting. He is seen here on the right with the Society's new Secretary, Geoff Brown, on the left.

The advocate, Fed Farrell, with Gilbert Dobbie

On the 18th March, Fred Farrell from Coalburn gave a most enlightening talk on the workings of the High Court in Scotland. Fred has acted as an advocate for the prosecution and defence in criminal trials in the High Court in Glasgow. The photograph shows Fred with Gilbert Dobbie of the Heritage Society.

Speakers from the Clyde Valley Orchards Group

On the 15th April, Stuart Gallacher (L) and Duncan Arthur (R) from the Clyde Valley Orchard Group described the past, present and future of the orchards in the Clyde Valley. They are seen here with Peter McLeish (centre), President of the Society. Following the decline of the orchards over the last decades, the enthusiasm and commitment of this group to preserve and innovate to bring back fruit-growing to the Clyde Valley impressed the audience.

2015  Coalburn Gala Exhibition

The Society put on an excellent Exhibition in the Leisure Centre to accompany the 2015 Coalburn Gala on the 4th July. The main feature was on 'School Photographs' from Bellfield and Coalburn Schools. There was also the usual archive images of the village. The Primary School pictures attracted great interest.

2013-2014 Session

New Lanark Exhibition

The 10th Anniversary Exhibition held in the River Room, New Lanark from the 3rd to the 29th March 2014.

Keir Hardie Meeting 2nd April 2014

Members of the Keir Hardie Society - Richard Leonard (front centre), Hugh Gaffney (front right) and John Stark (2nd row right) with members of the Heritage Society at the meeting on the 2nd April 2014.

Gala Exhibition 2014

The Society's Gala Exhibition at Coalburn Leisure Centre. 5th July 2014.