Photos of Exhibitions and Meetings held by the Society

2018-2019 Session

 2019 Gala Exhibition

The Coalburn Heritage Society's Exhibition in the Leisure Centre on 6th July 2019 linked with the Coalburn Gala. It showed photos of both Coalburn and Lesmahagow.. Photo: David Halls 6th July 2019

2018 Prizewinner Cara Meikle with Gilbert Dobbie

Geoff Brown with Peter McLeish

2017-2018 Session

Ellie McKendrick winner of Jim Hamilton trophy

At the first meeting of the Society in the 2017-2018 season, Ellie McKendrick (shown here with her family) was presented with the Jim Hamilton Trophy by the Secretary, Geoff Brown. Ellie's project on World War II in P6 was judged to be the best of many high standard projects at Coalburn Primary School. Photo: David Halls

Joan Barr with a book of Roy's maps

At the meeting of the Society on the 20th September, Joan Barr gave an interesting talk on William Roy (1726-1790) who was born near Carluke and became responsible for the first reliable military maps of Scotland. From that success, he went on to produce the first accurate ordnance maps of Southern England and was given the military title of Major-General. Roy's work became the foundation of the Ordnance Survey. Joan is seen here with a book of Roy's maps.

Jim Plenderleith, Peter McLeish and John Donnachie

L to R: Jim Plenderleith, Peter McLeish (Chairman of the Society) and John Donnachie. Jim and John were born in Coalburn but now both live in Carluke. At a meeting on the 18th October, John gave a very interesting presentation (assisted by Jim) on "Old River Crossings on the Clyde" in which he showed photos taken from a microlight of the Clyde from Abington to Crossford. In these, he showed the position of early fords, ferries and bridges. This was augmented by his photos of bridges today.

Bill Love

On the 1st November, Bill Love, a former librarian, outlined the life history of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his writings. He is shown here with the book he recommends, "The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories".

Alastair Dinsmore Glasgow Police Museum

Alastair Dinsmore MBE, Curator of the Glasgow Police Museum and Chairman of the Glasgow Police Heritage Society with Peter McLeish (left), Chairman of the Coalburn Heritage Society. On the 6th Dec 2017, Alastair gave a most elightening talk to the Society on "175 years of the History of Glasgow's Police".

Boghead, South Lanarkshire

Budapest, Hungary

The speakers on the 8th February were David and Rozsa Halls with a talk entitled "Photos from Near and Far". David showed photos of villages around Lesmahagow (Boghead, Brocketsbrae, Bellfield and Burnfoot) and then Rozsa talked about Hungary with images of Berhida, Herend, Vesprem and Budapest. The photos above are of Boghead, South Lanarkshire and the Parliament Buildings in Budapest, Hungary.