Shops in Bellfield Road Coalburn

Shop in Braehead Road

The home of the Thomson family in Braehead Road, where they carried out a ladies hairdressers business. Access to the building was also possible from the Coalburn Brig area through the back entrance as shown here.

Thomsons house and hairdressers

Thomsons house and hairdressers.

Small shop

The Thomson Family Agnes (Weir), Willie, Nessie, Tommy and Tom Snr.

Many residents remember having to take their accumulators there also to get them charged so that the wireless could be listened to.

Buildings opposite Post Office

Small shop

The buildings opposite the Post Office prior to 1985 which have been used for various purposes over the years. At various times, there was a stable here for horses when Jim Adam had a hiring business. Earlier this was a slaughter house for the butcher's shop of Jim Adam who was also postmaster. Later, it housed the coal lorry and taxi of Jimmy Hamilton.

As can be seen, there was a hairdresser´s on the site; the owners were in turn, Harry Maxwell, Jimmy Miller and Harold Brook.

The firm of Purdie and Baxter had a fruit shop on this site. William McGregor had a shop here c1920.

John Purdie had a pony and cart for his rounds. In addition, he cut the grass verges around Coalburn. He lodged at Ivy Cottage with the Smith family.

Jim Steele, Tam Findlay and Mitchell Jeffrey also used this building for the sale of bicycles.

Coalburn Post Office

Coalburn Post Office

Coalburn Post Office

The Post Office and carriage business was started by James Adam and continued by his nephew, James Hamilton.

James Adam Flesher

This image reveals another part of James Adam´s business. When Jimmy Hamilton took over he closed the butcher´s shop.

Mr and Mrs Jimmy Hamilton c 1925

Mr and Mrs Jimmy Hamilton c 1925

Post Office with 2 pumps c 1960

Now with 2 pumps c 1960

The Post Office and business closed in 2006 and a new Post Office was opened in the One Stop Shop in 2007.

See also Coalburn Post Office - a History by Peter McLeish

Braehead House, the former Post Office

Braehead House, the former Post Office. Now a private house. Photo: 21st July 2021 by Geoff Brown


Mr and Mrs McQueen's shop

Mr and Mrs McQueen's shop

Not much further along Bellfield Road on the other side, Mr and Mrs McQueen operated a shop from their cottage selling sweets and other items. This shop was also known locally as "Boaties Shop".

Johnny Russell then had it and then Mrs Russell, who moved from 'Divity' in Waterside to the cottage. She ran it for a number of years before the property was sold.

Braehead Studio

Behind what is now the Silver Band Hall, there was a business under the name of Braehead Studio operated by a Mr Henley who was a photographer. This was in the 1920s.

Greenbank Cottage

Greenbank Cottage with Jon Stewart and his shop

The Stewart family have lived in this double cottage since the 1920s. For several decades, part was a shop as shown in the photograph. John Stewart is standing at the door of the shop around 1930.

Robert Graham was a previous owner, c 1907, on his demise his wife, Jean took over the business.The Stewart family moved there in 1926.

Jimmy Hamilton

Jimmy Hamilton

In 1922, Jimmy "Fermer" Hamilton and Alec "Sanny" Reid operated a part time business selling sweets at Greenbank Cottage and also a fruit round. They had a small van which they used around the district. Due to the depression, a few years later they had to give up the venture.

Next door Jimmy Hamilton's mother sold sweets and pies from a room in her house, Gall Cottage.

Railway Terrace

Railway Terrace has long disappeared and it was there that "Jock" Shaw had a shed where he repaired bicycles. Apparently he had also had a previous building where "The Westoun" was later situated and there too, he carried out this function.

John Shaw

John Shaw

Tinto View Terrace

Further along Bellfield Road, where the bus turning bay now is, there was a small wooden shop, which was owned by Mrs Dobbie, sadly there appears to be no image of it.

The Dobbies lived at Tinto View Terrace and, prior to that, the house was occupied by the Stewarts and Dochertys who had a shop in a room. The Dobbies did likewise before opening the wooden shop.

Mrs Dobbie James Docherty

Mrs Dobbie and James Docherty

Shop next to Victoria Hall

General Store, next to Victoria Hall, probably in 1990s

General Store, next to Victoria Hall, probably in 1980s. The man outside the shop with the dog is Lawrence Savage who lived nearby

This shop which was next door to the Victoria Hall in Bellfield Road was a chip shop at one time owned by Davie Hamilton before he went to Australia.

Davie Hamilton and his wife, Jenny Allison

Davie Hamilton and his wife, Jenny Allison

It later was taken over in the late 40s by James Barton and his wife for a number of years as a general store. Mr Barton also did photographic work. He eventually left Coalburn in 1972 to run a photographic shop in Hamilton. The next owner was Harold Bowers. Mr Bowers also had stables on the land behind and ran a riding school.

In 1981, a Coalburn man, Billy Cook and his wife Margaret, took over the shop for a period of six years before the business went to another well known local, Dan Stewart who kept the shop open until 1991. Thereafter he used it as a store for his mobile fruit business.


The hamlet of Lintfieldbank has all but gone, but at one time it was a bustling community with its own Gala Day. The only photo of a shop there is from the 1930s.

Lintfieldbank shop

Lintfieldbank shop

The owner at that time was a lady, Georgina Ralph, whose name can be seen faintly over the shop window. In later years, Kate (Cairns) Guilfoyle, took over the premises.

Originally it was operated by the Young family of Aikmanhill.

Other Shops in Coalburn

Thanks to Marion and Jim McBain for help with information on Mr and Mrs McQueen's shop. Thanks also to members of the Coalburn Memories Facebook group for helpful comments about the history of the shop next to Victoria Hall. Prepared 19th February 2022 by DH. Updated; 3rd April 2022..