Colliery Shop

Coalburn Rows with shop

Coalburn Rows with Colliery Shop (two-storied building).

One of the oldest, if not the oldest shop, was next to Coalburn Rows. The shop was built by the colliery owners and the miners and their families were encouraged to use it. Credit was given and it was operated on similar lines to the Co-operative idea.

James Morris

One of the later owners of the business, in 1894, was James Morris. He left the village and went to Lesmahagow where he opened a shop in Abbeygreen which was in business until fairly recent times.

James Morris's shop in Abbeygreen,Lesmahagow.

Later incumbents of the Coalburn premises were Archie Hamilton, (1920s), Bobby Turner, (1930s and 40s), John Lando, (1950s) Tom Wilson (1960s) and (John) Dyet & (Robert) Overend (1970s), Gordon Muir (1990s).

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Dyet and Overend Foodstore

Dyet and Overend Foodstore. Photo probably taken on Gala Day

Caledonian Fine Arts (Rorrison and Jones), also used the premises before moving to Gateside.

Colliery Shop before Demolition

The same rather sad building prior to its demolition to make way for the Caledonian Gardens development which was built in 2000. It was probably the oldest retail building in the district. No doubt it had seen many changes over the years.

Caledonian Gardens. 29th September 2015

Caledonian Gardens. 29th September 2015

Other Shops in Coalburn

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