The former Co-operative Building

Coalburn Branch

After two original sites in Bellfield Road, the Branch of the Coalburn District Co-operative Society moved to larger premises in Coalburn Road (shown below) which included Grocery, Drapery, Baking and Fleshing Departments.

Coalburn branch in 1920s

Coalburn Branch in the 1920s

Coalburn Branch

Coalburn branch on date recorded as 27/02/1927

Following the demise of the Society in 1931, the building was subsequently taken over by the Abbeygreen Co-operative Society.

The Abbeygreen Co-operative Society closed this branch in the middle 1980s.

The full story of Co-operative Society Branches in Coalburn and neighbouring villages in South Lanarkshire is told in an accompanying article.

Coalburn General Store

What was formerly the Abbeygreen Co-operative Grocery and Fleshing Departments became Coalburn General Store. The neighbouring shop became the popular Eastern Spice takeaway. The one on the right was run by the owners of the General Store as a games arcade, Later in 2008, it became Coalburn Pharmacy run by the owners of Kirkmuirhill Pharmacy.

The following photos show some of the changes over time.

Coalburn Co-op no more

This photograph taken in July 1984 by Jim Hamilton shows the former Abbeygreen Co-operative premises in Coalburn under new management.

The new owners were Mohammed Ramzan and his wife, Irene Ramzan who set up the shop in 1984. After Mohammed Ramzan passed away, his brother Mohammed Akram and his wife Shamim Akhtar took over in July 1989. Mohammed Akram semi retired in April 2018 at the age of 75 and the shop is now run by his son, Nadar Shahzad.

General Store

3rd April 2010. Photo:Peter McLeish

General Store 2014

25th March 2014, now part of Day Today Express. Photo:David Halls

General Store Post Office 2015

21st April 2015. The Post Office had recently been transferred here from the One Stop Shop. Photo:David Halls

Post Office Sign on General Store 2015

21st April 2015. Post Office Sign outside General Store. Photo:David Halls

General Store 2021

Since 2019, there has been no Post Office here, now a Best One franchise. 21st July 2021. Photo:Geoff Brown

Coalburn Pharmacy 2022

Coalburn Pharmacy 2022

Coalburn Store with Mohammed Akram. 19th March 2022. Photos:Geoff Brown

Akram was the sub postmaster at the Coalburn Store. His son, Nadar Shazad, later took over running the shop and post office until arrangements finished in 2019. The post office section closed as it was not commercially viable. Although Akram officially retired at the age of 75 a few years ago, he continues to work in the shop part-time.

Coalburn no longer has a post office.

Coalburn Pharmacy 2017

Coalburn Pharmacy 20th August 2017. Photo:David Halls

Coalburn Pharmacy 2022

Coalburn Pharmacy 2022

Coalburn Pharmacy with Pharmacist, Stuart Conner and Pharmacy Assistant, Carol Young. 29th March 2022. Photos:Geoff Brown

Coalburn Pharmacy continues to be run jointly with Kirkmuirhill Pharmacy.

The History of Other Shops in Coalburn

Prepared 21st January 2022 by DH. Updated 14th April 2002 with photos by Geoff Brown of Coalburn Store and Coalburn Pharmacy and with the history of the Coalburn Store by Nadar Shahzad. Thanks to them both.